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what the gov says about clean hands
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Healthy Hands Releases First Musical Hand Wash Timers - 8-10-2009
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Clean Hands Save Lives - Healthy Hands Musical Hand Wash Timers make Every Week Cleans Hand Week - 9-20-2009

Chicago Tribune
"Hand-Washing: A Refresher Course"
Everyone knows how to wash their hands. Warm water, lots of soap, a vigorous and thorough scrubbing, a good drying. Moms pound it into us from the time we're toddlers...

USA Today
"Stay safe from swine flu with 3 simple steps"
"Simple, common-sense precautionary measures such as hand-washing with soap and water is more effective than overwhelming people" with instructions...

Clean Hands Save Lives!
To learn more about clean hands
*Pediatrician recommended wash time.
Henry The Hand - Champion Handwasher
A great resource with lots of information
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